Claire Boucher - Somatic Enquiry Workshop in Colchester Essex

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy

Friedrich Nietzsche

Somatic Inquiry Workshops

Get to know yourself more intimately through a relationship with your own body using somatic inquiry and embodied movement.

Food for your soul – How often do you check-in with yourself?

Regular “checking-in” can help improve your mental, emotional and spiritual health.  

My workshops are held regularly in Colchester, Essex. 



These workshops are perfect whether you’re struggling, and suffering from the effects of stress or trauma, or simply seeking guidance on how to connect with yourself at your core level.

My workshops are always as trauma-sensitive as possible.



We live in a fast-paced, and challenging world with many curveballs along the way. We can all feel the effect of trauma or stress in our body at times and some of us hold it in there for months, or even years.

Healing stress or trauma in the body is a way to overcome physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain, allowing you to realign your life for greater happiness, health, emotional balance and personal success.

We can’t think our way out of trauma or stress; it is held in the body, not the mind. So, feeling our way out of it using Movement, Mindfulness, Breathwork, and our body’s language, can be helpful.

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy

Friedrich Nietzsche

Somatic Enquiry Workshop includes


Vagus Nerve Stimulation

When we are triggered and in fight or flight, stimulating the vagus nerve is a great way to reset and help us re-centre and re-balance reducing anxiety, stress, anger and creating peace back in the body.

The vagus nerve acts to counterbalance the fight or flight system and can trigger a relaxation response in our body. It is one of the cranial nerves that connect the brain to the body. When this nerve is activated our physiological response is to reset; reset our heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure and as a result, we may reduce feelings of anxiety, anger, and stress, and in turn, this may have a positive effect on our mind, mood, digestion and immune response.


Somatic Inquiry

Somatics enhances human function and body-mind integration through movement awareness. We move because it feels good rather than goal orientation and this allows us to get to know our own body on a deeper level. We learn to listen to what our body is communicating to us.

Tools we will use – meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, and bodywork.

I also use a guided journey into a deeper somatic awareness working through the 5 layers of the human form – physical, breath, energy, emotional and intuitive body.


Energy Release

We will use the bodywork to release any trapped energy that might be stored in the body by powerful emotions experienced from trauma or everyday emotions like anger, fear or anxiety.

Claire Boucher - Somatic Enquiry Workshop in Colchester Essex

Somatics is the study of the self from the perspective of one’s lived experience, encompassing the dimensions of body, psyche, and spirit

Thomas Hanna


Explore bodywork, breathwork and meditation to help facilitate a relationship with self, and to aid in the journey of healing.

Also Available

Weekly Group Yoga Classes

Using my medical background as a nurse, combined with the mystical power of Yoga, I tailor classes towards a holistic approach to health by combining physical movement with the power that comes from controlling the breath and a guided meditation to help calm the mind.

Private Classes

A bespoke class tailored for your individual needs in yoga whether you want to learn general flow or specific poses. Private yoga sessions can also be combined with meditation, fitness, or even tools to cope with stress.

Women’s Circle

A Women’s Circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, to support, love, heal, and empower each other through their collective divine feminine energy.

Well-Being yoga Retreats

Stop, reflect and reconnect with your senses and nature. Escape the bustle of modern-day life, and reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit with some wonderful Self-care in nature.

Questions about Somatic Enquiry Workshops

What is the meaning of a somatic workshop?

It is a speciality class that offers you a more in-depth way to enrich your practice, knowledge and well-being. The main goal is for each individual to connect on a deeper level with themselves and their own body. This is done through mindfulness, breathwork, bodywork, discussion as a group and shared theory.

Do I have to do Yoga?

No. There is bodywork in the class, but it is not your traditional yoga, the bodywork is accessible to everyone regardless of age, size, mobility or health.

What should I wear/bring to a workshop?

Wear comfy, stretchy clothes. There will be yoga mats provided for comfort while sitting on the floor, and many props available to enhance restoration through meditation and breathwork, but feel free to bring your own mat or props. Some people also like to bring their own blanket or pillow.

I have never attended a workshop before, and I do not meditate or do breath work, can I still come?

Yes, please do. Everything we do is explained thoroughly, in layman’s terms, as to what we are doing and why and I weave a lot of personal experience into the workshop also. If there is something that you are not comfortable with then you are more than welcome to simply not join in, lay down, rest or practice something else for a short while. You are the most important person in the room, so please listen to all that your body is communicating to you and follow your inner guidance.